Commercial Pressure Washing in Margate, FL

Paver Sealing

Pavers, sidewalks and walkways can quickly get dirty and grimy and often can be difficult to clean. We offer commercial pressure washing in Margate, FL and paver sealing to assist in remediating this problem. Our pressure washing, algaecide treatments and sealing processes ensure that your pavers are cleaned, sealed and protected from weather, dirt, grime and debris. With our sealant, an algaecide is mixed in, which helps reduce the growth and return rate on your pavers. Pavers can be expensive and are an investment that raises the value and look of your commercial property. Sealing pavers will make sure that they last and stand the test of time. We offer flat, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes and can also have non-slip textures added for areas that may be prone to being slippery.

Powerwash Tiles

Interior and Exterior Painting

Offering interior and exterior painting, we can help you get the interior of your office or other commercial structure cleaned and painted so that it looks great for your customers. We can also help add a fresh coat of paint to your exterior for a refreshed, updated look. Painting ensures that your commercial property looks great, is inviting and well-maintained to your employees and customers that come to your property.

Business Exterior Paint

Roof Sealing

Roofs are essential for helping to keep your commercial building clean and free of leaks. Having the right process in place to achieve this, we can seal your roof to protect and maintain the longevity of your roof so mother nature doesn’t wear it down as quickly. Our gentle process does not require any heavy machinery or processes that can cause roof leaks. This will aid in reducing the risk of leaks, water damage, and any other issues that might occur. We can help seal your roof to ensure that you will not have to deal with dark and heavy built-up algae and grime caused by natural elements and organic matter from rain, heat and humidity. You can get the most out of your roof by adding this layer of sealant which is an extra layer of protection, will provide a brand new gloss look and require cheaper maintenance as the roof will not be getting as dirty compared to an unsealed roof since the sealant has a built-in algaecide to fight and reduce the growth and rate of returning algae growth. Roof sealant reduces your overall expenses and budget needed for maintaining the roof.

Business Roof

Debris Removal

We can remove debris from your property and your commercial building. Keeping your office building or commercial property clean and free of debris and waste like trees and trimmings, storage room junk, and other items will allow you to utilize your building more effectively and make for a safer and more functional workspace. We can remove broken furniture and other items from within the building and help remove any debris that might make your commercial building less than tidy and neat.

Old Business Debris

Post-Construction Cleaning

If you have just built your commercial building or worked on improving it, we can help you remove that construction debris to help get your commercial building back up and ready to work and ready to go. After all debris is removed, our expert pressure washers can also pressure wash areas saturated in dirt, grime and dust. We remove large and small debris and help clean up dust, trash and other debris that might be left after your construction project is completed. We want to help ensure your property is up and running and that it will be safe and functional for you, your employees and customers.

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